Red Scare

Red Scare available at FLGS and Online in October!


  • 5 Secret Hidden Decoder Glasses
  • 60 Citizen Cards
  • 20 Judgement Markers
  • 16 Alignment Cards
  • 12 Profession Cards
  • Wooden Scoring Token
  • 4 Accuse Tokens
  • 1 Sticker Sheet
  • Score Board
  • Rules Book
It’s 1951. The America we know and love is thick with fear and paranoia.
The threat of Communist infiltration is at an all-time high and red panic is everywhere.
It’s up to you, trusted patriots of the FBI, to scour the files of any and all that may be promoting the Soviet agenda and threatening these sacred shores. The nation trusts you to detect and then publicly accuse and deport these traitors. But watch out, double agents are everywhere!
Even your closest colleagues are not to be trusted. Perhaps even you have something to hide…

Red Scare is a hidden role/social deduction game with a delightful wrinkle – the only way to discover the truth about your friends is with a pair of secret decoder glasses!

social deduction, hidden role



30 min

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