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Rattus Cartus Info“The way to have Power, is to take it”William “Boss” Tweed

Tammany Hall is a game of backstabbing, corruption, temporary alliances and taking power at all costs.  If you want to rule New York, you are going to need to play the cities growing immigrant populations against one another.  Help the immigrant groups who owe you political favors, call in those favors to slander your rivals and win election.

Tammany Hall was the political machine that dominated New York City politics by organizing the immigrant populations. While the organization’s influence spanned from its founding in the 1790’s to its collapse in the 1960’s this game is set in lower Manhattan roughly between 1850 and 1870; the era of Boss Tweed.

In Tammany Hall, players help immigrants settle in New York, collect political favors from those immigrant groups, send ward bosses into Manhattan to secure votes and slander political opponents.  An election is held at the end of every fourth year, and the player who uses his power base best will be elected mayor.  The Mayors grip on the city is tenuous at best.  After every election, the Mayor must pay off his political rivals by placing them in offices that they can wield to try and take control of the city.  Every player is your friend, every player is your enemy. 

Tammany Hall.  Take Power.  Rule New York.

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Region: North America (US and Canada)

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Tammany Hall Reviews



The Dice Tower’s Tom Vasel reviews Tammany Hall


“Even though there are a lot of area control games, there are very few good ones.  This one works really well.” – Tom Vasel

“Two Thumbs up!”

The Dice Tower’s Ryan Metzler reviews Tammany Hall


“[Tammany Hall] has a nice easy way of playing.  There isn’t a whole lot to learn here, but there is a lot of strategy in a short amount of time. Really not a whole lot of negative to say about Tammany Hall.  This is going to be a great game.” – Ryan Metzler

Drive-Thru Reviews takes a look at Tammany Hall


“This is such a fantastic game.  It’s really, really fun.” – Joel Eddy

Undead Viking Reviews Tammany Hall


“The really cool thing about this game, it reminds me of Dominant Species. If I had played [Tammany Hall] prior to Dominant Species, I would have said Chad Jensen tried to make a game like Tammany Hall. ” –  Undead Viking

Daily Beast Reviews Tammany Hall

“It’s like Settler’s of Catan but with political machines” – Daily Beast

Giant Fire Breathing Robot Reviews Tammany Hall

“Tammany Hall is one of the most mechanically brilliant games that I’ve played where deep strategy springs from a small choice set. But, beyond that, the game is just fun.” – GeekInsight