Japan, 1605 – Hidetada Tokugawa has succeeded his father as the new Shogun, ruling from the great city of Yedo. This is the opportunity our clan has been looking for. Our chance at power and glory.

Our clan will prove ourselves to be indispensable to the new Shogun. We will work from the shadows to acquire information about our rival clans. We will kidnap those who might oppose our ascent and assassinate those who prove a threat. We will use cunning to prevent our adversaries from doing the same to us. We will find glory and honor in the eyes of this new Shogun, or failing that we will end his rule by any means necessary.

Boldness may win the day, but we must choose our missions carefully. In Yedo, eternal glory and painful disgrace are two sides of the same coin.

59.95 MSRP

Region: North America (Canada and US)

Yedo Rulebook PDF

Rule From The Shadows



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Reviews and Praise



Dice Tower Reviews Yedo

I LOVE this game.  I was so happy to play this. […] Love the artwork, love the theme.  This is really a heavy souped up Lords of Waterdeep.  If you played Lords of Waterdeep but found it wanting, this takes it up a notch.  If you’ve never played Lords of Waterdeep, but love the Samurai theme and worker placement, I think you will really enjoy this one.  It is one I am going to keep, it’s a game I was really enamored with for a number of reasons.”- Tom Vasel

Top 10 Worker Placement games – Tom Vasel

Rahdo Runs Through Yedo

“Great Game.  People Really should be looking for this game, because it’s something special.  If you saw Lords of Waterdeep and you thought ‘too shallow, not enough meat on the bones’ seek this game out.  It has what Lords of Waterdeep is missing.  I can’t say enough about Yedo.” – Richard Ham

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