Announcing Roller Coaster Rush!

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Coming to U.S. retail April 12, 2023!

We're rollin' on into the new year with our first game of 2023 -- Roller Coaster Rush!

Designed by Scott Almes (of Tiny Epic fame), this is a coaster-building game with oodles of kinetic fun! Your goal is to design and construct the best roller coaster for your investors' theme park! At the start of each game, you design a model coaster using the blueprints you have available. During the game, you'll attempt to actually construct your model by winning auctions for the track pieces you used in your design.


If you lose an auction on one of your own blueprints, you'll have to take that track out of your coaster - but if you win someone else's blueprints you'll get to add a new track to make your coaster bigger and better. Along the way, you can demo your model coaster for investors to see how well it works and earn some extra money for auctions.

At the end of the game you get to unveil your fully constructed roller coaster and run it for the public. You earn victory points based on how far your marble makes it down the track. The player with the most points wins!

Game info:

2-4 players | 15-30 min playtime | Ages 8+

Designed by Scott Almes and art by Kristen Pauline

Preorders are opening on our website on 2/22/23. In the meantime you can read the rulebook and/or subscribe on Board Game Geek!


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  • For those of us who own the original version of this game (Coaster Park), is there any way that we could perhaps get downloadable files to 3D-print out our own coaster parts?

    Jeff K on

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