Announcing Umbrella and Infiltraitors!

We're thrilled to announce that we're expanding our game portfolio in the US with the introduction of two exciting new titles!


1-4 players | 30 min | Ages 8+
Designed by Flavien Dauphin, Benoit Turpin
Art by Vincent Dutrait
Releasing 7/26/24
MSRP $39.95 - Preorder Now!

In Umbrella, a crowd of umbrellas throngs the streets of New York, and seen from the sky, the colors dance. Each player orchestrates a "dance" of umbrellas in a street crossing, starting with a 4x4 square of umbrellas in four colors. Players strategically move umbrellas from shared and personal waiting zones onto their game boards, aiming to create specific unicolor arrangements that match figure tiles.

Successfully completing these arrangements allows players to score points and pass figure tiles to other players, adding layers of strategy and interaction. The game continues until one of several end conditions is met, and players tally their points to determine the winner.



2-5 players | 20-30 min | Ages 10+
Designed by John Kean, Liam Kean
Art by Man-Tsun
Releasing in August
MSRP $17.95 - Preorder Now!

In Infiltraitors, your organization has been infiltrated by moles. As faithful agents, you must work together to uncover and eliminate all the traitors. This challenging deduction card game spans twenty missions where players set aside suspect cards at the start. These traitors must be identified by suit and numbers through strategic hand management and clue-giving.

Clues can match a traitor by having the same suit or by number relationships such as multiples or factors. As clues accumulate, players deduce the identity of the traitor cards, racing against the clock to catch all the moles before time runs out.

As a reminder all preorders through our website ship a couple of weeks ahead of the retail release date. Thank you for buying direct!
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