Dinosaur Island: Back from Extinction!

Back from Extinction

Dinosaur Island: Back from Extinction! Dinosaur Island is the product of an insanely succesful Kickstarter last Spring. We were lucky to have the backing of over 6,000 awesome fans worldwide. We released the retail edition in late 2017 and then something unexpected happened. It sold out instantly and started going for ridiculous prices on the secondary market. Then our backers started raving about the game online. Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower named it one of his top 5 games of 2017 and we were awarded with 4 Golden Geek nominations including strategy game of the year, thematic game of the year, best artwork and presentation and overall game of the year. It's been a wild ride for Dino Island since he was first unleashed on the world just a few months ago. Now it's back and better than ever along with the Totally Liquid Expansion that adds a 5th player, Water Dinosaurs, New parkboard extensions, special executive worker meeples and so much more. It's a ton of fun, and you can grab it now on Kickstarter. We've also got the stand-alone 2 player game Duelosaur Island. Quicker play times, amazing components and all new game play. Plus, the dice from Duelosaur can integrate with the base game and visa versa for even more variability! Dinosaur Island: Back from Extinction! We've been asking players what they wanted from a Dinosaur Island expansion for the last year+ and have been listening, working and testing (and testing, and testing) and Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid is the result! We'll be revealing Water Dinoz, new extensions and executives throughout the campaign so keep your eyes glued here for new content! Dinosaur Island: Back from Extinction! And yes, we have been listening. Introducing Moriya Labs, the 5th player expansion for the game! Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid adds lots of cool new mechanisms to the game on top of a 5th player setup. Dinosaur Island: Back from Extinction! Dinosaur Island: Back from Extinction! Pandasaurus Games is proud to announce a brand new stand-alone 2 player sequel to Dinosaur Island: Duelosaur Island! Designed by Ian Moss and developed by Dinosaur Island designer Jon Gilmour, Duelosaur has completely unique mechanics that make it an amazing experience that is sure to add to anyone’s collection. Duelosaur Island brings back a lot of the same feeling that players loved about Dinosaur Island, but introduces an entirely new hand-management tableau-building engine that is unlike anything you’ve seen in Dinosaur Island, and a really tense “I cut you choose” dice drafting mechanic. The first-player will roll the DNA dice and give each die a different bonus, with the second player choosing the DNA to take first. So, do you give the DNA you want the best bonus and risk your opponent taking it? Dinosaur Island: Back from Extinction!
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