Meet the new Pandasaurus Games!


A whole new Brand
Colorful, Vibrant and Fun

Brand Identity
Warm, Inviting and Imaginative.

Over the last few months the team at Pandasaurus Games has been working with a team of retail-store owners and distributors to identify areas that we could improve. We've already made tons of behind the scenes changes, but one big one that kept coming up: Our Logo (while adorable) was hard to see and didn't stand out on a shelf.

We're a family-owned business and our logo has always felt like a part of our family, so we took that advice more than a little hostility. But, we knew that our friends at retail were right.

So, we turned to the pros at Helm's Workshop to help shape the new look for Pandasaurus Games. Helm's Workshop is local to us in Austin, TX and have done a lot of work for other small local business that we are fans of like Austin Beerworks, Big Swig Sparkling Water, Kohana Coffee and Pinthouse Pizza.

After a series of meetings with Helm's we came to the determination that we needed a logo that was uniquely our own, and they helped us identify that Warm, Inviting and Imaginative had been our brand for years, and we just needed a logo and color scheme to help shape that.

The logo is designed to work in a lot of different settings and placements. Either in full color or monochromatic. We've got 4 new colors that are designed to help convey a sense of what our games are and what they stand for. And that's what they always have been, creating an inviting, fun inclusive setting for friends and families to get together and create shared memories.

Also, If you pay close attention you'll notice the Panda bits of the logo match the color of the word Panda. And the Dino bits match the color of the word Saurus. It's a fun nod, and breaking our name up also makes it a heck of a lot easier to pronounce and spell.

More to Come!

So, obviously we're a game company and a new logo and brand identify is great.. but what about the games? Well.. stay tuned. They are coming in hot in 2020. We think it's our best year ever. Some old favorites will return, some new classics will be shown off and some really compelling games will hit your table next year!

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