Nyctophobia Announcement - Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Nyctophobia Announcement - Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Welcome to Nyctophobia. A game like no other.

Nyctophobia means fear of the dark. Welcome to the experiential table top game that is going to redefine what it means to play a game. Nyctophobia is a cooperative experience of survival where up to four players must work together to escape a maniacal predator chasing them in a pitch black forest. But there’s a wrinkle: would be survivors play the game with blackout glasses. Players cannot see the board and have to rely on touch to navigate their way to safety.

So, are you afraid of the dark?

Players cannot see the board and have to rely on touch, communication and spacial puzzle-ing to navigate their way to safety. Will you survive?

Nyctophobia Announcement - Are you Afraid of the Dark? Nyctophobia Announcement - Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Players can choose from two different, totally unique game play experiences with Nyctophobia: The Hunted—available at friendly local game stores and online—and Nyctophobia: Vampire Encounter—available exclusively at Target. Both versions hit stores this August. The Hunted will be available for purchase at Gen Con.

The night is cold and dark. It’s hard to see where you are or where you’ve been. “A road trip gone awry” is a charitable description of the world you and your friends find yourself trapped in. No one will ever believe you. This kind of stuff only happens in movies, Right?

Well, tell that to the man with the axe whose been stalking you. Tell that to your friend who had to dodge his blade, or maybe that was just a mage messing with your mind.

In Nyctophobia, you will attempt to outrun and outsmart an axe murderer or mage who is hunting you. Player’s must blindly navigate it, all while trying to find their car and get out of the forest alive. A team of up to 4 players will wear blackout glasses and try and take on the single player taking ont he role of the hunter.

The Twist? Only the Hunter can see what’s going on around them. The Hunted players will have the navigate the board through touch and memory only!

Nyctophobia Announcement - Are you Afraid of the Dark? Nyctophobia Announcement - Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Incredible buzz, incredible innovation, incredible story…
Nyctophobia was conceived by designer Catherine Stippel as a stirring, sensory experience in which players must interact with a board game the same way a person without sight would. After years of playing games with her blind uncle, she was able to create a game in which touch and spacial manipulation are key. A board game experience as unique as it is enthralling.


One amazing game, two unique experiences.
Nyctophobia: The Hunted will be coming to GenCon this August and hobby retail a few weeks after the show and features two unique experiences for players, the Axe Murderer and the Mage.

The Axe Murderer is stalking you and your friends in the forest. Plodding forward without care or thought, chopping the trees that separate you down to get to you all the quicker. This is the most basic and carnal of all of the experiences you can encounter in Nyctophobia. Pure fear, pure terror.

The Mage is a trickster. It’s not enough for her to hunt her victims. Messing with their mind, manipulating the forest around them and leaving her opponents more lost than when she found them is her aim. She’ll rotate the map, move trees around the forest and generally confuse the players.

Nyctophobia: Vampire Encounter will be coming exclusively to Target retailers this August and will feature a unique experience. In Vampire Encounter there is a single unique experience for you and your friends. The Vampire has kidnapped one of your friends and brought them under his control. It’s up to the other players to rescue the familiar (an NPC character) and bring them back to safety. But, the Vampire can control the familiar and the player who is leading them out of the forest.

Nyctophobia Announcement - Are you Afraid of the Dark?
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