Passtally coming soon from Pandasaurus Games!

The hottest game at Tokyo Game Market is coming to the US!

Pandasaurus Games is really, really, ridiculously excited to show off Passtally the elegant, splendidly clever and utterly addictive 3D route-building game by Japanese designer, Masaki Suga.

Passtally is one of those rare games that is a snap to teach and learn but holds staggering depth and nuanced decision making and strategy. Players compete by strategically placing tiles in the hopes of creating the cleverest connecting route, which is far from easy. Tiles can be stacked to alter existing routes and add victory or chaos to existing structures. The higher the stack, the greater the points for that tile—just make sure the points only belong to you!

As you continue, the game becomes increasingly visually striking as the colors stack and combine. How high can you stack?!

Passtally will release at Gen Con 2019

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