Persona 5 Royal® card game coming Q4 2023!


ATLUS is partnering up with Pandasaurus Games to publish a Persona 5 Royal® card game designed by Emerson Matsuuchi (Century: Eastern Wonders and Foundations of Rome).

Matsuuchi teases about the gameplay: “Players will take on the roles of their favorite Phantom Thieves and fight to change the world in this cooperative card-based strategy game.”

Co-owner of Pandasaurus Games, Nathan McNair, can’t wait for Persona 5 Royal® to get into players’ hands. “As a diehard fan of Persona 5 Royal® – I cannot wait to bring the Palaces, Velvet Room and world of Persona 5 Royal® onto tabletops everywhere in 2023.”

Pandasaurus Games is aiming to publish Personal 5 Royal® in Q4 2023 with more details to follow.

About Pandasaurus Games

Pandasaurus Games is a hobby and mass-market board game publisher that strives to create immersive, connecting experiences through gaming. Since publishing their first game, Tammany Hall, in 2012, co-owners Molly Wardlaw and Nathan McNair have seen the company blossom into a household name amongst gamers and beyond.

Their vast catalogue includes worldwide smash hits such as Machi Koro, Dinosaur Island, and The Mind. In addition to hobby stores around the country, Pandasaurus titles can be found at Target, Barnes & Nobles, Books a Million, Gamestop, Amazon, and beyond.

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  • Will this make it for sale at Gencon in some fashion?

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    Cosmic Ben on
  • Take my money please

    Gregory on
  • This just made my day, and today is my B-day!

    Gabriel on
  • One of my favorite video games being adapted by my favorite board game designer/publisher. Just hate I can’t see or play it until next year! Hopefully GenCon next year will have a teaser.

    Justin on
  • I think I never was this happy about an IP being adapted! Best video game adapted by best designer! Such an awesome news!

    Kevin Gravel on

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