Play Brew & Umbra Via during Gen Con Spring Showcase!

Play Brew & Umbra Via

In Learn & Play events all week long!

We're holding Learn & Play events for our two newest games - Umbra Via and Brew - all week long during Gen Con Spring Showcase!

Join our Discord server and leave a message in the #brew or #umbra-via channel to save your seat in the game you want to play! All games will be held in Tabletopia.
🌼Umbra Via schedule 🌼
Monday through Friday               Saturday and Sunday
5p-6p                                          1p-2p       5p-6p
6p-7p                                           2p-3p       6p-7p
7p-8p                                           3p-4p       7p-8p
8p-9p                                           4p-5p       8p-9p

2-4 players | 1 hour event

In Umbra Via, players compete to control and complete the most cunning paths. Reach into your bag to select wooden flowers, then place them on your secret board in the order of the paths you want most. But when players reveal their choices, things get delightfully tricky.
🧙 Brew schedule 🧙
Monday through Friday                Saturday and Sunday
5p-7p  (full on Mon, Thurs)           1p-3p (full on Sat)
7p-9p (full on Mon, Tues, Fri)        3p-5p (full on Sat)   
2-4 players | 2 hour event

Time is broken and shattered. The seasons all exist at once, and day and night have no real cycle—they rotate at the whim of the forest. This enchanted land has been driven into chaos and it's up to you, the cunning mystics of the forest, to tame extraordinary woodland creatures and use your magic to bring back balance.
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