Pre-order Machi Koro 2 and receive 3 Landmark promo cards!


Machi Koro 2

3 promo cards included with pre-orders!

We are so excited to announce the standalone sequel to Machi Koro - the smash-hit family-friendly dice game from Japan! Machi Koro 2 takes the original rules and adds new rules to deepen and vary gameplay so even veteran players will have new strategies to try!

There are two big changes from the original design, aside from all new cards:

Now, the cards available in each game are randomized, making each game you play different! Buildings are separated into three decks (1-6, 7-12, and landmarks), but only five card types from each deck are revealed at a time. You can't bank on your favorite forest strategy anymore!

Players will complete three initial building rounds where they spend coins to choose the first buildings in their little towns. Landmarks also work different, as they each have unique effects and can be built in any order, but each one you build gets more expensive.

✨ Like we've done with our recent new releases, we are also offering a pre-order promo for Machi Koro 2. Pre-orders* will include 3 additional Landmarks: City Hall, Private Club, and Renovation Company! ✨

*placed through the Pandasaurus webstore or participating game stores.


Game stores: These promos will not be available through distribution. Please email for info on participating in this direct sales program.

We will also be hosting Learn & Play events of Machi Koro 2 during Gen Con Indy (Sep 16-19).

Our team will teach you the rules of these new hot titles and then let you play a full game. What's more: the $2 spent on your event ticket can be applied to the price of the game if you buy it at the show!

Get your tickets here!

Game info:

  • 2-5 players
  • 45 min
  • Ages 10+
  • $30 MSRP
  • Designer: Masao Suganuma
  • Artist: Noboru Hotta
  • Mechanics: Dice rolling, Tableau building, City building
  • Release date: October 6 / Pre-orders open: NOW

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  • Hey There! I pre-ordered and just received my Copy of Machi Kori 2 but did not receive the 3 promo cards with it. I was really hoping to get those, just wondering if it would be possible to still get that through you? Thanks for your time.

    Colter Hahn on
  • Do you have a ship date yet? I know the supply chain is horribly messed up these days, but I’m excited to play the new game.

    Catbessing on
  • Trix – I haven’t tried yet, but I imagine you could use the new rule set (stack of 1-6, 7-12 (or 14 with the expansion), 5 piles each), and/or the 3 rounds of building to mix up your original game.
    While you probably can’t add cards MK1<→MK2, you can use the mechanics of MK2 in your game of MK1. Experiment!

    Mike on
  • Trix – from the Rule Book: This new game cannot be combined with the original Machi Koro game or its expansions

    Greg on
  • Are the cards interchangeable/usable with the original game? Can you play this version with the old ruleset/layout, if desired? Wondering if I will need to keep my original or if this will replace it (thinking about shelf space). 😅

    Trix on

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