Get upgrades and goodies when you pre-order The LOOP and Wild Space!


Get upgrades and goodies

when you pre-order The LOOP and Wild Space!

Like we did for Brew and its Companion Creature mini-expansion, we will be offering free promos with pre-orders of our new games - The LOOP and Wild Space - through our webstore and participating game stores*. Read on to find out more about these awesome promo items!

If you add any games to your order other than The LOOP and/or Wild Space, we will have to cancel your order. This is because we cannot hold games that are currently in-stock for weeks until the pre-order games arrive.

For these games, we will not have a landing page for international pre-orders like we did for Brew. Since these are localized titles originally published by Catch Up Games, we don't have the rights to sell/market in all regions across the globe like we do for our in-house game designs.

* If your local game store isn't on our store locator for either game, ask them to email for info on how to participate!

The LOOP achievement stickers!

In the temporal fight against Dr. Faux, players will be challenged to complete various quirky feats, such as doing 3 loops on a single turn, winning without any vortexes, or even wearing a bowtie!

These silly supplemental challenges are tracked on the inside of the box lid. Instead of simply checking off the boxes, pre-orders of The LOOP* will include a sheet of Achievement stickers to apply to each completed feat.

*placed through the Pandasaurus webstore or participating game stores.

 We are unable to sell The LOOP to fans in China, Europe, Japan, and Korea.


Wild Space upgraded space ships!

In Wild Space, players will land their space ships on unexplored planets to take powerful actions and kick off impressive combos. It's so satisfying to see everyone's ships scattered across the galaxy, but we thought it would be even more exciting if the ships were unique to each player!

So with every pre-order of Wild Space* we're including a free set of 25 upgraded space ships - that means each player will receive 5 space ships in a custom shape and color with screen-printed cockpits!

*placed through the Pandasaurus webstore or participating game stores.

🚀🚀 Note: pre-orders on our webstore are limited to 150 copies. Place your pre-order through us ASAP to get these exclusive space ship upgrades! 🚀🚀

We are unable to sell Wild Space to fans in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Japan, and Korea.

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  • I would love to have access to the promo ships. I did not know they were exclusive to pre-order copies. I would be happy to pay Pandasaurus so I can show off one of my new favorite games with these beautiful ships!

    Chris on
  • Hi there, I barely found out there was a promo ships for Wild Space and was wondering if its too late to acquire them in any way. I fell in love with the game and would love them to add a bit of extra pizzaz for each player. I appreciate any information on them, I havent seen these anywhere else and thought I should ask the cool people at Pandasaurus Games. Hope you guys are having a great week!

    Jay CHavez on

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