Pre-orders close Sunday for That Time You Killed Me!

That Time You Killed Me

Pre-orders close THIS SUNDAY (11/7) at 8pm ET!

For once this year, a new release has been delivered to our warehouse on time! We know anticipation has been high for That Time You Killed Me, so we're going to start shipping out pre-orders next week to make sure everyone receives their game in time for the holidays.

Pre-orders will close THIS SUNDAY (11/7) at 8pm ET, so place your order by then to receive secret promos for free!

We have started seeing initial reviews and we wanted to share the initial highlights of this abstract 2-play game inspired by 4D chess!

  • Quotes from fans watching the Man Vs Meeple playthrough
    • “This looks like one of the most interesting abstract strategy games I've seen in a long time.”
    • “Interesting game, I can see why people are looking forward to this.”
  • Meeple Mountain review
    • “The game has that chess feel where some people can only think two moves ahead while others can plan out a better attack. Either way, just like chess, the game can be enjoyed by all different types of players.”
  • Blue Peg Pink Peg review
    • "It's the perfect, thinky, quick game for 2 players and it's got some really well-thought out mechanics."

Other highlights:

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