Rawr 'n Write Companion App live now!


This day has been something on the horizon for a couple months now, but the day is finally here - you can now download the Dinosaur Island: Rawr 'n Write Companion App! ūüéȬ†

The Dinosaur Island: Rawr 'n Write Companion App is intended to replace the need for paper sheets during your games of R&W. You will still need a physical or digital (Tabletopia) version of Rawr 'n Write to perform the dice drafting and dice placement portion of the game. 

Download for iOS // Download for Android 

The companion app will assist with tracking DNA, coins, staff, and dinos. It will also offer a clean help draw the buildings, dinos, and roads on the park grid. Potentially even more helpful - it will add up your final score at the end of the game! Though I think the most exciting part is the fact that the dinos move and rawr when you click on them!

While we had a team of people testing the app, it's possible some sneaky bugs made it through the cracks. If you happen to experience something funky - or just have general feedback - please fill out this form so we can collect it all in one place.

We hope you enjoy the app and that it makes your games of R&W even more fun!

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  • Hi , the link for and Android isn‚Äôt working anymore. IS it possible to fixe it?

    Matgeorge on
  • Hello, the download link is broken for Android. Can you please fix it?

    Adam on
  • The app is buggy as hell. i most of the games i cant breed dinosaurs unless i have the required dna

    Tobias Kares on
  • Will there be a web based opportunity coming? The app is marvelous. I would like to use it on the computer while family member uses it on the tablet.

    Andrew on

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