Sea, Salt, and Paper is coming to the U.S.!


We are super excited to announce that we're bringing Bombyx's Sea, Salt, and Paper to the U.S.! It is designed by Bruno Cathala & Théo Rivière and features gorgeous art by Lucien Derainne & Pierre-Yves Gallard.

In this game you're trying to earn the most points by collecting and playing sets of cards. You can choose to keep cards in your hand to score in surprise at the end of the round, or you can play sets for special effects. Once you hit the 7 point threshhold for the round, you can Stop the round immediately, or you can allow everyone 1 extra turn. If you do the latter and still end up with the most points, you earn even more!

The game ends once you reach a total of 30/35/40 points (4/3/2 players).

Although an official release date is to be set, we're aiming to bring copies of Sea, Salt, and Paper to demo and sell at Gen Con 2023.

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  • Hi,
    Is the next printing of Sea Salt and Paper happening soon? I rented it and LOVE it and I’d prefer to buy it from my Friendly Local Game Store rather than Amazon. Thanks!

    Alicia Gross on
  • I really with you had a date for this, because i’m trying to figure out if should import it or wait for your release.

    John on
  • This is great news, I’m really looking forward to getting this! Thank you!

    Virginia on
  • Awesome! I love this game on BGA and have been itching to get a physical copy for my family to play.

    David on

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