Statement of Support and Solidarity to #StopAsianHate

The increase in anti-Asian hate speech and violent attacks targeting the AAPI community has no place in our society, and no place in our community. Our company has long stood for an inclusive community that makes all gamers from all walks of life feel welcome at the table.


The recent heinous attack in Georgia should serve as a call to action for all of us to work towards ending harassment within our own community and making sure those around us feel included and welcomed at our table.


In light of this we have made monetary donations to two fantastic organizations: the AAPI Community Fund to #stopasianhate in addition to Red Canarya non-profit organization dedicated to the safety of massage workers in the United States.


We would also encourage everyone (including our team members) to register for Bystander Intervention training from Hollaback!, a fantastic organization that is committed to ending harassment in all its forms by changing the culture that perpetuates harassment be it online, on the street or in media.

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