Trek 12 pre-orders closing on Nov 19!

Trek 12 pre-orders closing Friday, Nov 19 at 8pm ET!

Trek 12 is a quick, but thinky roll-n-write game where players simultaneously choose how to use the two dice rolled each turn: either adding, subtracting, multiplying, or choosing only die face. However, you can only choose each option 4 times each game, leading you to some really tense decisions as you get closer to the top of the mountain!

Here are some great quotes from initial reviewers who enjoyed the game:

Shut Up & Sit Down review
  • “I think Trek 12 is one of the better roll-and-write games I’ve ever played."
Kovray review
  • "It's a fantastic game. It really tickles your brain in the best way possible."
Start 2 Game review
  • "Replayability has been guaranteed with multiple game modes, score sheets, and additional content to be unlocked."

Check out this video to learn all the rules for all three game modes of Trek 12 in just six minutes!

  • Trek mode - Make a quick and easy single climb, ideal for when you have limited time and/or for beginners.
  • Expedition mode - Make 3 back-to-back ascents, collecting new gear and meeting rope companions to help you along the way.
  • Solo mode - Put your spikes on and face off against a seasoned alpinist opponent. Perfect for if you're home alone, on a plane, or on the train!

Trek 12+1 is presented as a travel diary you discovered in Machapuchare Temple. Max, the renowned alpinist, lost it during an expedition where he had to get rid of part of his possession. You find this beautifully illustrated diary and decide to follow in his footsteps!

This expansion includes a new map and 3 new envelopes, which can be opened by completing Challenges. Unlike the base game, you must open these envelopes in the numbered order. You will need the contents you discover in each envelope to open the next one!

This expansion is exclusive to our webstore and select game stores ordering these titles direct from us.

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