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Umbra Via releases March 17!

Today we're spilling all the beans about our first release of the year -- Umbra Via -- releasing March 17!

This is the winner of the 2019 Cardboard Edison Awards, the yearly award run by and for game designers with a whole slew of exceptionally qualified judges! We were so excited to scoop up this game after all of the positive feedback its design received.

Umbra Via Overview from Connor Wake on Vimeo.


Players are trying to guide the missing pieces of their soul out of the shadows. Bid on tiles in an interesting two-part auction, then create snaking paths with tight area control elements.

The designer recorded a great overview of the rules here (in 4 minutes!). It should give you a really solid understanding of gameplay, and you can see the final components in this pack-out video we teased on Twitter recently.

The table presence of this game is also incredibly striking, with dramatic paths and colorful wooden flowers in front of players. Artist Eddie Schillo did an amazing job with taking the black-and-white color scheme from the original prototype and really refining the whole experience with bright pops of color.

“It’s strangely absorbing, especially for an abstract.”

Game info:

  • 2-4 players (there's a solid 2p variant, too!)
  • 30-45 min
  • $40 MSRP
  • Designer: Connor Wake / Artist: Eddie Schillo
  • Mechanics: Blind bidding, tile placement, area control
  • Release date: March 17

Pre-order here!

Prepare to unlock the secrets of Umbra Via...


Just beyond the towering vines lies an ancient pathway into the unknown. Push back the thorn-riddled stocks to discover a clandestine garden, blooming with mysterious vigor. Vivid colors mark the way to intricate tiles zigging and zagging through the green. Within the flowers lies the key to greater meaning. An explanation for all things unknown...

In Umbra Via, players compete to control and complete the most cunning paths. Reach into your bag to select wooden flowers, then place them on your secret board in the order of the paths you want most. But when players reveal their choices, things get delightfully tricky. Experience the magic of Umbra Via and find out why this award-winning design belongs on any table.

"The game's decision points are tight, engaging, and elegant."


Demo during TantrumCon Digital 


We will be giving guided demos of the game on Tabletop Simulator during TantrumCon Digital, over the weekend of Feb 5-7! 

This will be the only way to play before the game before its release on March 17. The show is FREE to attend, with a ton of awesome programming. Don't miss out!

We'll be taking sign-ups for demos from 10am-10pm all weekend long over in our Discord server. Leave a message in the #umbra-via channel to save your seat!

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