Mental Blocks

PAN201902 $39.95

Mental Blocks is the frenetic, nail biting 3D puzzle game you will never want to put up. Players must work together to solve 3D puzzles varying from entry level to hardcore head-scratchers before time runs out! Each player has their own secret perspective to the puzzle, but there's a catch!


Every person has a restriction: some players can only touch certain blocks, some can only touch certain shapes, some cannot speak. This leads to delectable disarray as player scurry to solve each puzzle in real-time to graduate to the next puzzle - each ramping in difficulty as you proceed.


Included in these gift guides:
The Dice Tower 2019 (watch video)
Cool Stuff Inc 2020 (read guide) 



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What the press is saying

A good ice breaker… so much replayability.

- Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

I was drawn to this immediately.I absolutely loved it.

- Bearded Meeple

I really liked the game. My biggest surprise of the year.

- Board Gaming Ramblings