Roll them bones.


Qwinto is the rousing, fast-paced dice game from the people who brought you Qwixx, where one person rolls and everyone takes their turn!  But be sure to think fast.   Players must fill their colored rows as quickly and cleverly as possible to snag the most bonus points to win the game!

    Rulebook Available Online

    Qwinto - The Game Boy Geek


    It’s one that I would recommend. I like it better than Qwixx actually.

    - Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

    I really like this game, if you’re looking for those quick dice games that you can introduce anyone to . . . this game is awesome for that.

    - The Game Boy Geek

    I don’t think I’ve introduced this to anyone that’s disliked it… I could not recommend this game highly enough.

    - Jon Gets Games