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Pandasaurus Games is a hobby and mass-market board game publisher that strives to create immersive, connecting experiences through gaming. Since publishing their first game, Tammany Hall, in 2012, co-owners Molly Wardlaw and Nathan McNair have seen the company blossom into a household name amongst gamers and beyond.

Their vast catalogue includes worldwide smash hits such as Machi Koro, Dinosaur Island, and The Mind. In addition to hobby stores around the country, Pandasaurus titles can be found at Target, Barnes & Nobles, Books a Million, Gamestop, Amazon, and beyond.

We at Pandasaurus Games pride ourselves on innovative, groundbreaking designs with art that pushes the bounds of creative expression in games. Welcome to our world of board gaming!

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Email: support@pandasaurusgames.com

Location: 2028 E Ben White Blvd #240 Austin, TX 78741

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Pandasaurus Games attends a lot of conventions, and we're always looking for quality demo staff! Want to join our convention team? Fill out this form and we'll add you to our contact list. This does not guarantee you a spot, but we will reach out when a convention is approaching!

Submit Game Designs

Pandasaurus Games is always on the lookout for amazing game designs! All submissions are vetted by our development team and will be responded to as soon as they are able. Please include as much info as you can in your submission, such as a sell sheet, rule book, or video.

Submit Artist Portfolio

Pandasaurus Games has a unique style, and that means we are always in search of awesome artists! Use this form to submit your portfolio. If your work is a good fit for our games, we will reach out to you!