Dinosaur Island: Dice Tower promos - SPIEL pick-up

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PAN2017DTPROMO-ES23 $8.00

Note: This item is a preorder for pick-up at Essen SPIEL 2023. Games must be picked up at Booth 2C-118 during normal hall hours from Thursday through Saturday. Any orders not picked up by Sunday may be refunded and sold at the fair. An order number and the first and last name on the order is required to pick up your games.



Dinosaur Island: The Dice Tower promo cards provides the following effects as Specialists:


  • Mandi & Suz: "Every dinosaur you create (besides starter DNA) is worth 1 extra VP at the end of the game."
  • Tom & Eric: "Hooligans are placed last in Phase 4."
  • Sam & Zee: "When creating a dinosaur, you may place one extra dinosaur in your Paddock even if you don't have space."


A copy of Dinosaur Island is required to play with this promo card.