Silver and Gold

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You've found your fortune! 


Distant islands, golden treasures - who hasn't dreamed of them?! You are in luck because the treasure is in your hands. You are holding Silver and Gold: pure, addictive gold by Phil Walker-Harding (Sushi Go, Imhotep, Baren Park). Players must rain X's down, rapid-fire, in the right configurations to close out island cards and hit the right bonuses before they can jump to the next card. 


Every card in the game can be written on and cleaned off!  Such a clever game will have you playing again and again!




  • The Dice Tower Seal of Approval
  • American Tabletop Awards 2020 - Casual Games (Nominated)
  • Preis der Wiener Spiele Akademie - Spiele Hit fur Familien
  • Juguinho 2020
  • The Dice Tower - Top 10 Small Games of 2019
  • The Dice Tower - Top 10 Relaxing Games
  • The Dice Tower - Top 10 Surprises of 2019
  • The Dice Tower - Top 100 Games of All Time
  • The Dice Tower - Top 10 Tiny Games
  • The Dice Tower - 12 Games of Christmas (Stocking Stuffers)

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