The LOOP: The Revenge of Fauxzilla expansion

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In this expansion, there is more of everything that made you shine bright like a diamond in The LOOP. Brave the ultimate paradox by fighting Dr. Faux... as his younger self! Share the subtle medieval poetry of the Peak Twins through the corridors of time.


Track and trap Fauxzilla through the ashes of spacetime in the Fauxzillapocalypse mode. Escape its fury to seal the 7 Kaiju Balls in... The 7 Kaiju Balls (see what we did there?). 


Discover the brand new Artifacts and Missions from the Agency's R&D department. Plenty to keep you entertained, and your colleagues impressed, around the Coffee Machine!


A copy of The LOOP is required to play.


Learn more about Fauxzilla!
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What the press is saying

If you're a fan of The LOOP like we are, I highly highly recommend the Revenge of Fauxzilla.

- The Nerd Shelves

This cooperative adventure is an absolute treat! Everything about it is just *chefs kiss*!

- Kovray Studios

If you like cooperative games and a bit of crunch, this is definitely recommended.

- Foster the Meeple