Brew delayed for an uncertain amount of time

At this point, you are probably fully aware of the current shipping struggles across the world. So far in 2021, we've experienced first hand the effects of reduced staff, container shortages, and simple delays. This has affected all of our games so far, including Umbra ViaThe Game: Face to Face, and even our Dinosaur World Kickstarter fulfillment.

And now, as you can probably tell from the title of this newsletter, it has affected Brew.

Currently, our shipment of Brew is in the Los Angeles port. It's been offloaded from the ship, but ports are overwhelmed with shipments right now, so we are waiting for the containers to finally move onto the train to our Midwest warehouse.

Before that, however, we experienced delays in China, waiting for boats to become available with enough space for all of our druidic dicey goodness.

With just one delay, it was possible to keep our original June 16 release date. But with delays at every stage of the shipping process, it is apparent that the games won't arrive by next week.

What does this mean for pre-orders (US & Intl)?

It's impossible for us to determine the new release date until the games are loaded onto a train to our main warehouse, which is usually a reliable 7-10 day transit time. It's possible the new release date may be as far as mid-July. We'll make an announcement as soon as we have this info and can settle on a new date.

Pre-orders will continue to be accepted through the day before the new release date, and will still receive the Companion Creature mini-expansion. Place your pre-order now to make sure you are first in line when games start shipping! Or order from a participating game store and avoid paying shipping!

For a bit of good news, we're holding a contest to give away three copies of the game before release - to give you something to look forward to! 🎉

Brew delay
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