Play Dinosaur World online with Tabletopia!

During the Kickstarter campaign, we received many, many requests to publish Dinosaur World on Tabletopia, a digital platform for playing games online with friends. Y'all kept unlocking stretch goal after stretch goal and, ultimately, we never had a spare moment to work on the digital version.

Well, the day has finally come! Dinosaur World is now available to play! 🎉

While there are a couple differences from the physical version of the game to make for a streamlined and accessible online experience, you'll be able to play with all the same rules and enjoy the dino-riffic gameplay!

Of course, if you don't want to learn the rules yourself, you are welcome to join one of our scheduled Learn & Play events during Gen Con Online (Sep 16-19)!

Grab a ticket to save your seat! Our demo team will guide you through the rules and answer questions as you play the game!

All attendees of Gen Con Online will receive a free Tabletopia Gold Premium account upgrade for the duration of the event. Don't miss out!

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