Double release day for The Game: Quick & Easy and Robots!

We've got two excellent games joining the Pandasaurus family today! These two small-box games are fantastic additions to any group looking for more accessible, family-friendly games. Keep reading to find out more about them!

The Game: Quick & Easy

Play a card, draw a card - that couldn't be easier, right? 

Just like in the award-winning original, in The Game: Quick & Easy everyone works together as a team to play as many cards as possible on two stacks. On your turn, play one or two cards then draw back up. On one stack, cards are played in ascending order (1-10). On the other stack, they are played in descending order (10-1).

Cards come in five different colors, with numbers 1-10 in each color. There's a trick: you can ignore the ascending/descending rule when playing cards on top of a matching color!

Order from your FLGS or our website for $14.95!

Media Highlights

  • It’s so easy to set up and go again, and games so quick that it’s so tempting to say ‘one more try’ after each loss. Casual Game Revolution
  • Being able to match color to break the placement rule is much easier for novices to remember; the game is much more accessible. Opinionated Gamers
  • If you and your group found The Game too hard you will definitely find Quick & Easy more forgiving but still a satisfying challenge. Daily Worker Placement



A game of time and speed!

Robots is a 2020 Kinderspiel des Jahres nominee in which players must work together (or separately!) to figure out what speed means to each other.

How far do you think the robot will move in about 4 seconds? Well, it depends on how fast it's going! Players must develop a feeling for time and speed together without talking. It won't take long for the team to work out where the robot has stopped!

Order from your FLGS or our website for $14.95!

Media Highlights

  • Because of its simple design, Robots makes a great game to bring along to restaurants, or even on car rides where you can enjoy playing it quickly and quietly together to pass the time. The Tabletop Family

  • Robots is such a fun little game. It has that smile inducing element of mind reading that will be familiar to fans of The Mind and The Game, but it’s even simpler and family oriented. Movin Meeples

  • It strips the rules down to something really simple and uses the speed as well as the destination to give you just enough different elements to keep the game challenging. Casual Game Revolution

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