Gods Love Dinosaurs, and so does SPIEL.digital!


Gods Love Dinosaurs

And so does SPIEL.digital!

We had SUCH a great time at SPIEL.digital last weekend! Our awesome demo team ran over 70 hours of demos of Gods Love Dinosaurs and showed the game to over 150 attendees!

Gods Love Dinosaurs was at the top of Actualol's Top 10 list and was streamed in three different languages! You can watch The Brothers Murph in English, Tric Trac in French (05:54:18), and Hunter & Cron in German!

It also ended up as #6 on the BoardGameGeek Hotness list all weekend long! The excitement for this title is so amazing to see - thank you all for visiting our booth, participating in our events, and sharing the love of dinos!
  • “I don't know much about ecosystems, but I hear the term 'delicate balance' used a lot and that's the perfect description. Every decision is crucial. It's a genius predicament and it's thematic.” - Actualol (The Hottest Board Games at Essen SPIEL Digital 2020)

  • “The tile placement and movement is much brainier than the sympathetic theme suggests! I liked how I thought very differently about my tactics at the end of the game compared to the beginning. The meeples are small but great and the concept is fun.” - @ardillagenocida




To celebrate an awesome weekend at SPIEL, we're giving away THREE copies of Gods Love Dinosaurs this week! Help spread the news and participate in the giveaway!


Gods Love Dinosaurs giveaway
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  • Fingers and toes are crossed!

    Andrew on
  • Oh no, yet another dinosaur game I need….

    Anne on
  • I am very excited!!!

    Kim on
  • I soooo wish I’ll win one copy <3

    Board games Journal on

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