Grow the Best Garden in Ohanami


 Grow the Best Garden in Ohanami

Available for $14.95 starting Oct 28!

Cherry blossom season is about the blanket zen gardens with their resplendent wonder. Water, vegetation, stones, and sakura trees must be placed in perfect harmony in order to become a Master Gardener.

Designed by the Spiel des Jahres nominated designer of The Game, Ohanami is a relaxing and competitive drafting game where players grow their gardens season after season. 

Media Highlights

  • "This is a really entertaining little card game. I and my family love this game. It's a game I can play over and over again." - Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

  • "It's simple, elegant, perhaps the most distilled and focused drafting game I've ever played, and a great introduction to the genre." - The Daily Worker Placement

  • "It's so quick and simple but throws up some interesting choices and tension. Highly recommend this beautiful card game as a filler, travel, or chill out game." - Movin Meeples


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  • My wife and I enjoyed this game at first but then quickly realized it needed some extra scoring opportunities to really improve the strategic possibilities. This is what we came up with and the game is MUCH more enjoyable. At the end of the game, also add these points
    1) 5 points for each card that is in a consecutive numerical run of 3 or more cards
    2) 3 points for each card that is in a run of 3 or more same-colored cards
    3) Who ever has the single longest pile gets that many points (the number of cards in that pile)

    Chris Sutton on
  • Looks like a fun, beautiful card game!

    Max Oesterling on

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