International orders paused for foreseeable future


Recently, we had to make the hard decision to pause all international orders on our website. We know we have fans all around the globe and we appreciate you so much! But because of that, we don't want to charge you extreme prices to ship packages that may suffer huge delays (or even end up lost).


In case you haven't heard, the world is currently experiencing a global shipping crisis that is affecting every industry -- not just board games. This has lead to shortages of many supplies and longer shipping times. Until this crisis wanes, we are only accepting webstore orders from fans with a US shipping address.


Not to fear though -- you will still be able to find our products in your region from your local game store. We have distributors in Canada, Oceania, Europe, and the United Kingdom who will be ordering games from us. Shipments in larger quantities go through different shipping processes that are still somewhat reliable.


At the moment, we are still accepting pre-orders from international game stores. If they pre-order a game through us that has a pre-order promo item, they will receive these promos as well. However, if they pre-order from distribution, they will not receive the promos. You can check to see if your store has already pre-ordered a game through us by looking at our Store Locator. Any extra promo items we have after a game's release may be added to our website for individual purchase. We'll make announcements if/when this happens for each promo!


Thank you for continually supporting our games and having compassion for your favorite publishers as we all navigate these difficulties!

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  • Super disapointing to get black friday sale emails only to find out you STILL arent delivering internationally even though global shipping is mostly resolved. Starting to go off your company for these promo emails that none of us can benefit from. Your competitors all do international shipping. Please sort it out, no reason not to have this fixed by now.

    Adam on
  • Your store locator webpage doesn’t work, from the link in the article or the footer on all pages. What is your distributor in the UK and when will the have The Wolves available?

    Steve on
  • These shipping issues have largely resolved themselves in recent days, so create a European store already so we can buy your products here! They never show up in the online stores here!

    Aaron on
  • Seems there is not a distributor in Asia which is a shame!

    Joel on
  • if you are not sending international orders then please don’t send me exciting preorder emails leaving me to get disappointed when i get your website.

    Paul on
  • I bought some DInogames but some dices are missing. Unfortuantley there was no answer on the google form for missing parts in the last 2,5 weeks.
    What can i do?

    Hendrik on
  • I got my copy of Dinosaur world in Amazon, kickstarter edition, amazing game, it has become to my top ten board games. Now I’m looking for the 3 add ons, Can’t find them here in México, very sad…

    Oscar Monzon on
  • Hi, I was really eager to buy “that time you killed me” but cannot buy it here in France (could not find a distributor who has that game in stock) You should make a print and play version so that people outside of the US can still play your game until it’s possible to place international orders again. Everebody wins ! Thanks for the great games.

    Nicolas on
  • Who is the distributor in Canada . Very disappointed that solo mode was removed from the retail game. I want to get this but I can’t locate it in Canada despite my best efforts.

    ryan on
  • So sad :( I wanted the Brew game and there is no distributor here in Mexico as far as I know, I ordered the game through Amazon but even being prime they lost my package :(

    Estef on

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