Like that? Try this!

Like this? Try that!

If you enjoy any of these popular games, here's a Pandasaurus recommendation!

Sobek: 2 Players and Jaipur share a designer (Sébastien Pauchon) so it's no surprise that there are similarities between the two! Both are 2 player only and require players to make difficult decisions. A turn that is beneficial to you may set your opponent up for an even better outcome, so you'll need to weigh the pros and cons.

Where Sobek makes its departure from Jaipur is the game board. There's more public information available which requires more planning ahead.

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Rahdo said it best in his Revenge of Fauxzilla review, "[The LOOP] is by far one of the best... Pandemic inspired co-op game since Pandemic itself came out". Most of us are familiar with the Pandemic system -- bad things happen every turn and things seem to feel out of control! And while The LOOP doesn't stray too far from that chaos, it makes it almost... enjoyable. Push clones back to their original eras, complete missions, and get rid of those darned rift cubes before a hole is ripped in the space time continuum!

If your copy of Ticket to Ride has been well-loved and you're looking for something with a slight upgrade in difficulty, let's introduce you to Skull Canyon: Ski Fest! One of the mechanics of Skull Canyon is collecting and turning in matching sets of slope cards (similar to collecting train cards in Ticket to Ride), but as opposed to building a route you're skiing down a slope!

And if one of the things you like about TTR is being able to block opponents, we have a very special friend in Skull Canyon called the Yeti. :-)

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Roll-and-write games have taken the community by storm over the last few years. So much that companies are coming out with roll-and-write versions of their already popular games. Similar to The Isle of Cats: Explore & Draw, Dinosaur Island Rawr 'n Write stays true to a lot of its predecessor's gameplay while seamlessly incorporating new mechanics. There's also a polyomino puzzle in both games!

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Real-time games are not for the faint of heart. Therefore, if you enjoy the frenetic nature of Rival Restaurants, Wildstyle is your new best friend! While you're beholden to a timer in Rival Restaurants, Wildstyle rounds continue until the end is triggered. This allows for a less rushed feeling (although trust us, you'll still want to be moving quickly for those cards).

As of publishing this post, Wildstyle is available for preorder and scheduled to release September 17.

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