Mental Blocks, a game of puzzling perspectives, to release at Gen Con 2019!

Mental Blocks is a game of puzzling perspectives from Pandasaurus Games, designed by talented newcomer Micah Sawyer and Jonathan Gilmour (Dead of Winter, Dinosaur Island)!

Players complete a puzzle using oversized foam blocks, but can only see one perspective of the design. You’ll have to cooperate to complete the puzzle as a team, but you had better hurry - there’s a time limit. Plus, players have different additional challenges, such as no talking, or not touching certain color blocks.

Mental Blocks is fast, frantic fun, with 60 puzzles in the box - 30 Family mode and 30 Challenge mode, that all ramp in difficulty. You can also add a traitor to add even more chaos to the mix!

You can get a peek at this and all our upcoming releases at GAMA, booth #235!

Arraial & Passtally Coming This Summer!

Kick off your summer gaming with two international hits, coming to the United States for the first time!

In Arraial, players drop polyomino pieces onto their board, connecting them by color and completing lines to attract the most visitors to their street party! This vibrant game is based on the Arraial, a Portuguese street party full of color, life, and energy! Arraial hits store shelves this June.

"I like this better than Rosenberg's complete trilogy [Cottage Garden, Indian Summer, Spring Meadow]..." - Tom Vasel

Passtally is simply an elegant, beautiful game of route building from Japan, with more twists and turns than you would expect. Placing tiles soon becomes a puzzle, as players score more points the longer, and higher, their paths are. Stack the pastel tiles high and score big points, but watch out - your opponents might use your tiles to do the same! Passtally lands in stores this July.

Play both at GAMA, booth #235!

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