Organize a fast pass to Dinosaur World!

Dinosaur World is out in the wild and we’ve loved seeing all the posts on social media from all your game nights and learning sessions! However, we know it’s a bit of a beast to set up.

To help you get this pter-iffic game to your table faster, we’ve partnered with two quality accessory designers to create organization and storage solutions for both the Kickstarter and retail versions of Dinosaur World and its three expansion packs.


The creative team at Folded Space has designed a full color, affordable, and functional Evacore insert for only 19 € (roughly $22.00) + shipping.

The FS-DWRLD insert is available to pre-order now at this link until December 1. After pre-orders close, the insert will be added to their regular product lineup and can be ordered any time.

Pre-orders will ship on December 1, but you will also be able to find it in US game stores around February 2022 (depending on potential shipping delays).

The insert will be sent flat packed, but assembly will be a breeze with instructions included and photos as reference. The printed designs on the trays will also help you identify which components go where at-a-glance and ease clean up after playing the game!


Folded Space is a manufacturer of quality inserts for board games which are lightweight and affordable for all gamers. With over 120 inserts in our range, we’ve got you covered! 

Folded Space inserts are produced using our own Evacore material, a memory foam sheet with a thick printed card laminate layer top & bottom which we cut to our own bespoke designs. 

Our inserts are:

  • Lightweight – weighing less than 9oz (250g)
  • Easy to build – you pop out the pieces and assemble using glue, with no tools needed!
  • Tough – the insert trays are durable, flexible, and can be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Environmentally responsible – Evacore sheets are made from 75% recycled plastics

    Folded Space is very excited to be working with Pandasaurus Games and the beautiful Dinosaur World game!



    e-Raptor has designed an HDF wood insert that organizes all the components and accommodates sleeved cards for 40 € (roughly $46.00) + shipping. You can pre-order at this link through December 5, and pre-orders will begin shipping around January 5.

    The insert will require assembly, but e-Raptor’s website touts that most of their inserts do not require glue to ensure a sturdy and long-lasting product. Remove the trays from the box to speed up setup and jump right into a game of Dinosaur World!


    e-Raptor is a brand of unique board and card games accessories.

    We are constantly looking for ways to make players' lives easier. For every person who has ever played a board game or had trouble with a messy playing area – the e-Raptor product range is the best solution.

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