Pandasaurus Games is headed to Gen Con 2019!


Play our hottest games first & meet their designers

Heading to Gen Con? Come to booth 1441 to be the among the first to play some of our hottest Fall games! Demo Machi Koro Legacy, the latest in the bestselling series. If you love puzzle games, Mental Blocks will test your visual acuity. You'll want to play Passtally over and over as you explore its strategic depths.

Come meet the designers of Machi Koro Legacy and Mental Blocks, including Rob Daviau, the creator of legacy gaming.

Machi Koro Legacy

Build the city's story!

Machi Koro Legacy is an all new game that changes before your eyes as it unfolds with an amazing and surprise filled narrative arc set in the world of Machi Koro.

No spoilers, so all we can say is the story is a tale of [redacted] based on the Japanese [redacted] that was created with input from Nobuake Takerube, and co-designed by Rob Daviau, the father of the legacy gaming system.

PAN201904 | $49.95

Learn Machi Koro Legacy in 4 Minutes!

Meet the Designers!

Come meet Machi Koro Legacy co-designers Rob Daviau (Pandemic Legacy), the father of the legacy system; and JR Honeycutt (Fireball Island)! Find out how they put the game together.

Where: Pandasaurus Booth 1441
When: Friday, 1–2 pm
When: Saturday, 1–2 pm

Mental Blocks

Ready! Set! Puzzle!

Mental Blocks is a frenetic 3D puzzle game like no other. Players must work together to solve 3D puzzles before time runs out!  Each player has their own secret perspective to the puzzle, but everyone has a restriction: Some players can only touch certain blocks, others cannot speak. Variable levels and time limits make for family fun or game group brain burning.

PAN201902 | $39.95

Meet the Designers!

Meet the minds behind Mental Blocks, designer Micah Sawyer and Pandasaurus Head of Development, Jonathan Gilmour.

Where: Pandasaurus Booth 1441
When: Friday, 4 pm
How high can you stack?

Passtally is a snap to learn but holds a surprising strategic depth. Players place titles strategically in the hopes of creating the cleverest connecting route. Titles can be stacked to alter existing routes, and the higher the stack, the greater the points for that tile—just make sure the points only belong to you!

PAN201907 | $29.95

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