Skull Canyon: Ski Fest available now!

Skull Canyon: Ski Fest
Sliding into stores today!

Most anticipated of PAX Unplugged!

After showing off the prototype at PAX Unplugged 2021, three of our favorite channels included Skull Canyon: Ski Fest in their round-up content and featured it as one of their most anticipated new releases!

Watch It Played / Kovray / The Fandomentals

Ticket to Ride meets Parks!

There are two games that spring to mind when introducing Skull Canyon to new players. As you might have guessed, those would be Ticket to Ride and Parks - some of the most classically approachable games.

Skull Canyon is a beast of its own, but it does include some of these beloved mechanics (Ticket to Ride: open card market and set collection, Parks: leapfrog worker placement).

These shared mechanics make it a breeze to learn, but the addition of the up-and-down cycle of skiing down the mountain, controlling each slope, and avoiding the yeti make it an entirely new experience!

Find out how Board Game Sanctuary answers the question: Is Skull Canyon better than Ticket to Ride?

Game info:

  • 2-4 players
  • Ages 14+
  • 45-90 min
  • MSRP $40
  • Designers: Jason Klinke, Kip Noschese
  • Mechanics: Set collection, Hand management, Area control
  • Release date: Today!

Hit the slopes of Skull Canyon!

Hit the slopes and brave the terrain, competing against other skiers for points and fame. Play sets of cards to complete a run, but remember do it with style to wow the onlookers! Take the lift to reach different parts of the mountain and claim the most difficult runs!

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