Sobek: 2 Players - Strategy Guide 1

The return of Sobek, God of the Nile!

To tide you over until the release of Sobek: 2 Players (on May 25!), we’re publishing a series of articles that outline the main mechanics and strategies of the game.

In Sobek: 2 Players, you and your opponent will try every trick in the book (sometimes even the underhanded ones) to get your hands on the best goods, all to carry out the most lucrative transactions. In these tense and short (20 minute) games, you will need to control the options available to your opponent, while leaning on the powerful abilities of the 10 different characters in the game. Be careful, though: your choices could cause corruption. And corruption always comes with a cost…

Before we dive into too much detail on this, it seems like a good idea to remind you that Sobek was originally a game released in 2010. Bruno Cathala and Gameworks (Sébastien Pauchon and Malcolm Braff) made a huge splash with this design, thanks to the explosive combination of deception and tactics, and the high production quality.

Sobek: 2 Players is more than a simple new edition. It takes all of the aspects that added personality and charm, but adds more strategy specifically designed for two players, tied together with the shimmering brushstrokes of the talented Naïade.

It’s hard to describe how proud and excited we are to be part of the re-launch of Sobek: 2 Players next month!

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