Sobek: 2 Players - Strategy Guide 3

Sobek: 2 Players - Sell to get rich quick!

Selling your Goods is the point of Sobek: 2 Players and the primary way to earn more Debens than your opponent. For each type of Good, you’ll earn as many points as the tiles you’ve sold in that type, multiplied by the scarabs shown on those tiles.

One of the three actions you can take on your turn lets you sell a single type of Good, but you can only sell in sets of at least 3 matching Goods. This may tempt you to gather as many Goods as possible, to sell them at the last possible moment… except:

  • You risk the game ending before you can actually sell;
  • You miss out on the Pirogue tokens’ powerful effects, which are awarded for the first five sales of the game;
  • You lose an effective way of controlling the market, by delaying and forcing your opponent to take a tile they thought you would have to take.
  • You could be targeted by the Scribe’s power: when played, your opponent forces you to discard (to your Corruption board!) tiles from your hand until you have 6 maximum.

The more you play, the more you’ll be able to include these strategies in your actions, and the more you’ll perfect the timing of your sales.

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