Sobek: 2 Players - Strategy Guide 4

Sobek: 2 Players - Using Characters craftily

Among the 60+  tiles in Sobek: 2 Players, there are 10 key characters that are placed face down on the Market board. When you take one of these tiles, you don’t know exactly which Character you’re gaining. But don’t be mistaken: Characters are versatile tiles, all of which provide powerful advantages.

  • To start, no matter which Character you just gained, you will always be able to choose which direction to orient the Ankh pawn for your opponent’s turn. This small detail can make all the difference!
  • Then, each Character is tied to a type of Good, and if you don’t want to use their ability, you can instead sell it as part of a set of Goods.
  • Last but not least, each Character has a powerful ability that you can activate by taking the “play a Character” action. These abilities will let you limit your Corruption, steal a tile from your opponent’s hand or Corruption, force your opponent to discard down to 6 tiles, and more!

Everything depends on how you manage your hand (as we explained in the previous article). All these abilities offer major risks and rewards. Think about how to leverage them during your next game!

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