Sobek: 2 Players - Strategy Guide 5

Sobek: 2 Players - Read the rhythm of the market

There is only one final lesson to impart through this series of Sobek: 2 Players strategy guides: refilling the market.

Each time a player wants to take a tile from the Market but there are no available tiles in line with the Ankh pawn, this player must refill all the empty spaces on the board with new tiles from the draw pile, before choosing one of the 4 tiles in the central square.

You probably don’t want your opponent to have the opportunity to refill the market, since choosing any of those 4 tiles without gaining Corruption is a rare privilege in Sobek: 2 Players.

But there’s a moment in the game that’s even more important: triggering the end of the game. This happens when a player cannot take any action on their turn. Anticipating this moment is vital, so you can confidently race to the finish line, since the end is sometimes triggered abruptly. Any tiles left in your hand are immediately added to your Corruption board… which could be really bad!

Stay alert once the draw pile is empty. This is your first sign that the end is near, since you won’t be able to refill the Market anymore. From this moment on, more than ever, you’ll need to judge which tiles to take, to shorten or extend the game, and focus on which sales you can actually complete. This depends mostly on the tiles your opponent has in hand and what you’ve seen them take throughout the game.

Successfully analyzing what rhythm benefits you most in the final stretch, and how to affect your opponent adversely, can be the key to your victory.

And that’s the end of our strategy guides! You should now have a good grasp on the feel of the game. We hope these guides inspired you to try the game and put these tips to good use. Sobek: 2 Players is now available to pre-order on our website or from these local game stores. It releases in game stores nationwide on May 25. In the meantime, you can play it online on Board Game Arena. Happy playing!

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