Stocking stuffer guide

Pandasaurus has tons of small box (and small price) items that are perfect for stocking stuffers. If you need help deciding what to get, let us help you out with that!

For the person who doesn't like board games

The card game "The Mind" in a Christmas stocking

There's a reason The Mind is one of our (if not the) best selling games we have. It's incredibly unique -- each round players must play their cards in ascending order... but without speaking! There is a deck of cards labeled 1-100 and each round players get dealt a number of cards equal to that round's number. (So in round 3, each player will get dealt 3 cards)

Not gonna lie, when I first read about the premise of The Mind, I thought it was super gimmicky. But it has provided so many laughs and core memories at the table. I would gift this to anyone and everyone!

Purchase The Mind - $14.95

For the chill, but thinky player

We were getting emails for months asking when Ohanami would be back in stock. This beautiful game is all about creating beautiful gardens over 3 rounds. Each garden is represented by a different suit and cards must be played in ascending numerical order. On your turn you'll pick 2 cards from your hand to play, then pass the rest to your opponent.

The overall vibe is definitely super cozy. However you can totally gameify it by thinking strongly about which cards you want to keep vs. which ones you'll pass to your opponent.

Purchase Ohanami - $14.95

For the player who likes an activity

Sometimes, you don't want to play a whole game that requires you to keep score and follow round structure and such. Illusion exists for this very reason. Draw 4 illusion cards and a colored arrow card. The color of the arrow determines which color is being played. You must then rearrange the illusion cards so that the designated color on each card must get progressively higher following the direction of the arrow.

TL;DR: Put the illusion cards in order from least to most of the designated color in there. The game rules technically say play to 12 rounds, but this is the type of game where you can play however many you want!

Purchase Illusion - $12.95

For the solo player who likes puzzles

I've played way more solo games of Splitter than I have with other players. I stay trying to beat my previous best score. You can also play it with literally however many players you want since the gameplay is simultaneous. Roll the dice, then write both numbers on your page so that they're mirroring one another. Try your best to group similar numbers together!

This game plays in about 10-15 minutes (depending on how much you want to think) and is the perfect game to play over a cup of coffee in the morning.

Purchase Splitter - $14.95

For date night

You've probably heard of the hit cooperative game, The Game (which is also a great stocking stuffer recommendation). The Game: Face to Face is a competitive version of it for 2 players. Each player is trying to be the first to get rid of all of their cards by playing them to their ascending and descending pile. However you can also play them to your opponent's piles... be careful not to help them out!

This is the perfect travel game and I've played this many times at a coffee shop. Not much table space is needed and it fits nicely in a small clutch!

Purchase The Game: Face to Face - $14.95

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