Trek 12 finally finishing its journey in February!

Our newest roll-n-write game, Trek 12, has finally landed at our warehouse, after being stuck in the Los Angeles port for two months.

We are now re-opening pre-orders on our website again, to gear up for the general release date of February 2!¬†ūüéČ

We had previously said pre-orders were closing on Nov 19, but at that time we had anticipated a much, much faster release from the ports. Now that the games have arrived, we've shipped out those original pre-orders from fans who paid for their order months ago. Hopefully they will be able to play during the holidays!

Of course we want all our fans to enjoy the games as soon as possible. But due to the holidays, we won't be able to ship out distributor orders until the new year, and it usually takes them a couple weeks to ship out orders to their game store customers. So February 2 it is!
While you wait, remember you can still enjoy Trek 12 by playing online on BoardGameArena!

The original publishers have also designed a print & play version that's adapted to younger players. Now you can go on an archeological dig! You know we love dinosaurs, so we couldn't resist sharing this fun version.

Learn the rules and download the files at this link!
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