Umbra Via Blooming on Store Shelves!

Umbra Via available now!

Umbra Via is available at local game stores and online for $39.95 starting today!

This beautiful abstract game has had an overwhelmingly positive reception from the get-go, even before we announced it. The judges at Cardboard Edison loved it so much they deemed it the winner of the 2019 Award cycle.

First time designer Connor Wake cleverly combined secret bidding, tile placement, and area control in a delightfully thinky puzzle. Players will have to balance timing and desire to reunite the lost pieces of their soul and find their way out of this clandestine garden.

    The board game media has also had a great time with Umbra Via and a few positive reviews are already available, with more to come soon:

    • “I like the two-step auction. I found it to be very enjoyable. It's an abstract game that works well." - The Dice Tower, Tom Vasel

    • “Deceptively intuitive game where each mechanisms swivels correctly and purposefully so that every micro decision you make impacts on your future success in the game.” - Board Game Sanctuary

    • “This is different [from other tile-laying games]. This game has a depth of decisions you have to make. As soon as we finished, I wanted to play it again. This game is great.” - Blue Peg Pink Peg

    To celebrate its release, we're holding a giveaway for three copies! Enter in one of the many ways below. Winners will be drawn on Friday.

    Umbra Via release

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