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Form the greatest band of vikings!

In Knarr, you are the leader of a band of Vikings. Manage the recruitment of your crew and choose the best territories to explore. Depending on the destinations reached (for trading or influence), and the Vikings who accompany you, you can increase your reputation to gain even more wealth.

Each turn, you:

- Place a new member in your Viking crew, activate the effects of all of them with the same color, and get another one from those available under the matching color on the central board, or
- Explore new destinations, with the opportunity to trade with those places and get more gains or reputation.

End game is triggered when one player reaches 40 points. The current round is finished and the player with the most points wins!



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What the press is saying

If you want something that is not too crunchy but mechanically satisfying... then this is a good one to check out. -Zee Garcia

Really neat game, really great sense of progression, I highly recommend checking it out. -Jamey Stegmaier

If you like card games and quick card games, I think a lot of people are gonna enjoy this game. -Allies or Enemies