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An insurrection is on the horizon - which side will you choose?


No one can remember when the Empire’s regime began. People say it will never end, that resistance is impossible... but no one has ever prepared like the Rebellion. They have planned in secret, gathered intelligence, and sowed dissent in the Districts. However, the Empire has innumerable advantages and will confront the Rebellion with its full might. The revolution begins now.

In Unrest, two players are pitted head-to-head in the asymmetric struggle for control over five City Districts. Can the Rebellion complete their missions and topple the regime? Or will the Empire continue their rule?



Tutorial and Playthrough with Before You Play!
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What the press is saying

I like this game a lot. It is delightfully charming. Both sides feel very rewarding while being highly asymmetric and while feeling very well balanced.

-Board Game Co

The art is very cool and the theme is actually a bit more evident than you may think. It's a game you just want to rack over and over again.

-Mad Board Gamer

It is a game that we can safely say that we do not own a game similar to it. It was quick and easy for us to get multiple playthroughs in one sitting and small enough to be portable that we can take it anywhere we go!