From Dinos to Robots: Four new games in October

From Dinos to Robots: Four new games in October!

The Pandasaurus catalog continues to expand with amazing new titles! We had great success with our summer releases. Social media has been buzzing nonstop about the vibrant lands and fun gameplay in Sonora, the first flick-and-write. The bright and colorful strategy of 3D area control in Ctrl is puzzling players everywhere. And the political negotiation in the new edition of Tammany Hall has caused friendships to be strengthened and questioned in the same game.

October brings a new slate of exciting games, ranging from robots to dinosaurs, and even more! 

(Watch the Gen Con Online coverage of our Summer and Fall releases here!)


The Game: Quick & Easy

Pre-order here for $14.95 | Release Oct 14

It may be called The Game: Quick and Easy, but winning is anything but. Enjoy the new artwork and unique gameplay that's not just for younger players! Just like in The Game, cards are played in numerical order; however, now there is the added boon of being able to jump forward or backward from the current number by playing a card in the same suit.

Photo credit: @henk.rolleman on BGG



Pre-order here for $14.95 | Release Oct 14

Robots was nominated for the Kinderspiel des Jahres this year! Designed by one of the minds behind The Game, players can expect a clean design centered around cooperation and communication. The magic of the game lies in its use of temporal and spatial perception. It won’t take long for your team to work out what time and space means to everyone!

Photo credit: @henk.rolleman on BGG


Gods Love Dinosaurs

Pre-order here for $39.95 | Release Oct 21

Life hangs in the balance with a design that incorporates tile drafting and meeple management with an adorable and ravenous food chain hierarchy. Players will have to manage different biomes and species, from the fluffiest prey to the hungriest predators, all the way to the most impressive dinosaurs.



Pre-order here for $14.95 | Release Oct 28

Ohanami is also designed by one of the creative minds behind The Game. Each round players draft cards and add them to their gardens. Different colors score each round, changing players’ choices and deepening the strategy as the relaxing yet competitive gameplay progresses.

Photo credit: @henk.rolleman on BGG

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