Trek 12 reaching new heights in November!

Trek 12: a roll-n-write adventure

Releasing in November


Here is our final release of 2021! Trek 12 is a fast-paced roll-n-write where you ascend the highest mountain peaks across the Himalayas!

Roll 2 dice, then all players simultaneously decide how to use the result on their player sheet, by either: taking the higher number, taking the lower number, or adding, subtracting, or multiplying both dice. Each option can only be used 4 times per game, causing some tricky situations in later rounds!

As you trek across the mountain, you will create "fixed lines" of consecutive numbers and "mapped zones" of matching values. The more numbers you have in these lines and zones, the more bonus points you will earn!

Once you are more familiar with gameplay, you can tackle the Expedition Mode, which introduces campaign elements. Finish 3 back-to-back ascents of different mountains and recruit other skilled climbers to help you reach new heights.

What's more, by completing specific Challenges, you'll open envelopes that will introduce secret content to future games!

Game info:

  • 1-50 players
  • 15-30 min
  • Ages 8+
  • $30 MSRP
  • Designers: Bruno Cathala & Corentin Lebrat
  • Mechanics: Dice rolling, Number chaining, Unlockable content
  • Release date: November / Pre-orders open: July 21


  • By designer duo Bruno Cathala (Five Tribes, Kingdomino) and Corentin Lebrat (Draftosaurus)
  • Includes three game modes: normal, solo, and campaign
  • Includes 6 envelopes that hold unlockable content
  • Includes 3 different maps of increasing difficulty
  • Simultaneous play means games only last about 15 minutes

Pandasaurus Games is a group of avid lovers of the outdoors and at least one semi-serious rock climber. We feel that it is important to remember that climbing areas are not playgrounds, but places that people call home. In that regard, we are making a donation to two amazing charities that support the Sherpas, Tibetans, and Nepalis that call the Himalayan mountains their home.

  • The American Himalayan Foundation builds schools, plants trees, trains doctors, funds hospitals, takes care of children and the elderly, and restores sacred sites throughout the Himalayas. The SanFrancisco-based organization also helps Tibetans rebuild and maintain their culture both in exile and within Tibet.

  • CARE Nepal works across the spectrum of humanitarian action and long-term development programs to address gender-based violence, women and girls’ leadership and voice, inclusive governance, sexual reproductive health, livelihoods, food and nutrition security, disaster risk reduction, and climate change.


We will be selling the first expansion Trek 12+1 exclusively on our web store and participating game stores (listed on our Store Locator in the coming weeks).

Trek 12+1 is presented as a travel diary you discovered in Machapuchare Temple. Max, the renowned alpinist, lost it during an expedition where he had to get rid of part of his possession. You find this beautifully illustrated diary and decide to follow in his footsteps.
Trek 12+1 adds 3 new envelopes, which can be opened by completing Challenges. Unlike the base game, you must open these envelopes in the numbered order. You will need the contents you discover in each envelope to open the next one!

It also includes an entirely new map to ascend, which adds new challenges to overcome!
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