Trek 12

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A roll and write adventure!


Trek 12 sends you on a journey through the Himalayas with your friends. Grab your rack and get ready to set new paths and summit these crags. Carefully map the area, plan your routes, and set your lines because these cruxes aren't going to solve themselves. Wits and nerve are necessary to conquer the best routes, boost your reputation, and, of course, become a legendary climber.


3 game modes:

Trek mode - Make a quick and easy single climb, ideal for when you have limited time and/or for beginners.

Expedition mode - Make 3 back-to-back ascents, collecting new gear and meeting rope companions to help you along the way.

Solo mode - Put your spikes on and face off against a seasoned alpinist opponent. Perfect for if you're home alone, on a plane, or on the train!



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