What Pandasaurus game are you based on your coffee order?


I'm a firm believer that you can tell a lot about a person by their coffee order. So here is what Pandasaurus game I think you are based on your usual.

If your coffee order is here, you have to order the game I paired up with it. I don't make the rules — sorry!

Black coffee — Tammany Hall

When I hear the person in front of me at Starbucks order a black coffee, I know they mean business. No milk, no sugar, no whipped cream - nothing to stand in the way of their 7AM cup of liquid gold.

    In Tammany Hall you're trying to rule New York by playing the city's growing immigrant populations against each other. It's a game all about backstabbing, corruption, temporary alliances, and taking power at all costs. Pair this game with the bitter taste of black coffee, and you're ready to win.

    Buy Tammany Hall - $49.95


    Hot chocolate — Skull Canyon: Ski Fest

    Ok I know what you're thinking -- this is a bit too on the nose. But there's substance to this choice! Commonly referred to as "Ticket to Ride plus", Skull Canyon: Ski Fest is the perfect game for the family. And for families with kids, it's hot chocolate all the way down. If we're getting deeper, Skull Canyon seems like a warm, sweet game... until that forsaken Yeti comes out. Then you've burned your tongue and are ready for war.

    Buy Skull Canyon: Ski Fest - $39.95


    Vietnamese iced coffee — The LOOP

    If you're gonna be running around different eras trying to defeat Dr. Faux, you need some energy. But not just energy, the energy that Vietnamese iced coffee gives you. It's pure sugar, caffeine, and an increased heart rate. You may start feeling as wacky as Dr. Faux, but I've always been a firm believe that sometimes, you need to get on the villain's level to defeat them.

    Buy The LOOP - $49.95


    Caramel macchiato — Dinosaur Island: Rawr n Write

    In case you didn't know, a caramel macchiato is just a vanilla latte with caramel drizzle. It's basically a remix of an already good drink. Dinosaur Island Rawr n Write is basically a remix of Dinosaur Island. Some may even say it's better than its predecessor! The great thing about this game is it can be played solo. Which is the only way to drink a caramel macchiato... solo.

    Buy Dinosaur Island: Rawr n Write bundle - $26.95

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    • So what game do I get if I’m just having a Pepsi Max?

      Fox on
    • Coffee? Yuck. Barry’s breakfast tea, please. Splash 1/2 and 1/2 and 1 tsp sugar.

      Benjamin on
    • My coffee order is typically a mint mocha!

      Ali on
    • My coffee order is a large black coffee with cream. Hold the coffee, add India black tea.

      Jeff on
    • Triple Shot of Espresso: That Time You Killed Me

      Mitch on
    • My coffee order…

      Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle.

      Marion on
    • VivaJava.

      Chris Kirkman on

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