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Now that the scientific triumph of Dinosaur cloning is public knowledge, competition is hot and new parks spring up regularly. Though many of these amateurs are opening their gates before everything has been safety-tested, there’s no shortage of patrons eager to be entertained by extinct behemoths!

As with any form of entertainment, triumph is often accompanied by tragedy - which is why your investors demand that you take every precaution (and ensure every visitor signs the safety waiver) before you show them the wonders of Dinosaur World!


Each round, you’ll draft a group of Workers from the Worker Database to run your park for a full season. Then you’ll divide up those Workers to take on the various tasks of building and running your Park - gathering ancient DNA, cloning new Dinos, buying new attractions, and keeping your patrons safe from a toothy demise. The better you run your park, the more Victory Points you’ll score!

You might face some visitor deaths along the way, but don’t worry - as long as your park is “safer” than your competitors’, it won’t hurt your score!


(Dice in image are prototype components and not final.)

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What the press is saying

The process of building your own dinosaur park and going on jeep tours is a brain-burning strategic treat.

- Ella, The Dice Tower

You're going to see a lot that you love and recognize in this game. it definitely shares a lot of the same DNA with Dinosaur Island.

- Man Vs Meeple

If you love a strategic epic experience that rewards clever gameplay, you should definitely check this one out.

- Geeky Gaymer Guy